When a Series ends

For me diving into writing a series is like going on a long vacation into another world. I’m not sure precisely what the world mechanics are, I only know a handful of people, and I have no idea when I’ll be back. And for the months that I’m immersed in my new world my emotions and dreams reflect the story I’m telling. Now, I say that I’m telling the story, but once I dive in, the story usually takes over, and sitting down to write everyday is an adventure, because although I have a vague idea where we’re heading, I won’t know for sure until the words appear on the page.

I’ve been in the Morningstar world with Nyx, her siblings, and her guys for several months now, and what started of as a four book series became a six book series because the story was bigger than I anticipated, and the characters…well, they totally captured my heart. I’ve laughed with them, cried with them and raged with the. They feel like family. So penning the final book in the series and saying goodbye had been emotional for me.

Demon Reborn is Nyx’s final stand. It’s her destiny. Her purpose come to light. And all the trials, the tests, the connections she’s made…well it all came together in this book. There is so much love in this story and courage too. I’m emotionally drained from having written it but I’m so happy with how it turned out, and I know there are more stories screaming to be told in this world. Nyx’s story may be coming to a close, but I’ll be staying close to Morningstar, listening out for when the next hero stands up to be counted, and the next adventure begins.

If you haven’t started this series then seriously, what are you waiting for?

Grab Demon Throne (book 1) Now. It’s available in KU if you want to read it via your subscription.

If you’re up to date then make sure you’ve preordered Demon Reborn (final book) or put it on your TBR.

Now it’s time for me to rest my brain for a few days before I turn my thoughts to the Gargoyles of Stonehaven and check what’s been going on in that side of the Accords world.

Happy reading!

Debbie XOXO