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Love Urban fantasy Romance? Then you’ve come to the right place, be it kick-ass action, sizzling romance, or pulse pounding adventure, you’ll find it all here. Love Reverse Harem Fantasy? Yep, I got you covered for that too. So, get acquainted with some snarky, witty, take charge heroines who don’t need a hero to save them…well not often anyway 😉 I’ll also be adding some sci fi romance to my backlist in 2023 so check out the sci fi page for more information on that.

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16 thoughts on “Hello, Peeps!

    1. I’m hoping to get it out later this year 😀 Book 1 is out of the Anthology and releases in April. I will be working on book 2 with the goal of getting it out by the end of his year 😀

  1. Oh my baby cheeses…I am hooked on you woman!!!! You just rocked my reading world… And to think that we lived so close and now too far because you feel the right one to have as a friend… When you want to leave behind GB, and to imagine incredible beaches and mountains, send me a line and I will describe you my lovely Italy and its “population”… And might add some personal anecdotes.
    Ps. .. I am also hanging around on my IG as @lastwordsbyyaniah

    Kisses from unbearable sunny Italy


  2. I love your quirky, funny, and well thought plot book. It’s amazing all the different paramormal characters you used from different cultures. I enjoy the Ghost series with Kat and her cousin (Academy) the most. Please continue another series where the djinns escaped from their parallel universe or “hell”. Any series of yours with humor and adventure with enemy to lover would be awesome. Please no more Reapers. I think we have a great amount of series already. I cannot wait to read your new book!!! I have read them all and each one is better and steadily improving. Thank you for allowing me to escape my mundane life XOXO!!

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