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Love Urban fantasy Romance? Then you’ve come to the right place, be it kick-ass action, sizzling romance, or pulse pounding adventure, you’ll find it all here. Love Reverse Harem Fantasy? Yep, I got you covered for that too. So, get acquainted with some snarky, witty, take charge heroines who don’t need a hero to save them…well not often anyway 😉

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If you’re here for an update on The Heart of Darkness or The Iron Fae series check the Series in Progress page in the menu. I’ll update that when I have dates for release.

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    1. I’m hoping to get it out later this year 😀 Book 1 is out of the Anthology and releases in April. I will be working on book 2 with the goal of getting it out by the end of his year 😀

  1. Oh my baby cheeses…I am hooked on you woman!!!! You just rocked my reading world… And to think that we lived so close and now too far because you feel the right one to have as a friend… When you want to leave behind GB, and to imagine incredible beaches and mountains, send me a line and I will describe you my lovely Italy and its “population”… And might add some personal anecdotes.
    Ps. .. I am also hanging around on my IG as @lastwordsbyyaniah

    Kisses from unbearable sunny Italy


  2. I love your quirky, funny, and well thought plot book. It’s amazing all the different paramormal characters you used from different cultures. I enjoy the Ghost series with Kat and her cousin (Academy) the most. Please continue another series where the djinns escaped from their parallel universe or “hell”. Any series of yours with humor and adventure with enemy to lover would be awesome. Please no more Reapers. I think we have a great amount of series already. I cannot wait to read your new book!!! I have read them all and each one is better and steadily improving. Thank you for allowing me to escape my mundane life XOXO!!

  3. I was wondering if you were going to be adding more books to the Iron Fae series? I had seen that the third book Hear my roar was to be out in fall of 21, but I can’t find it? Please 🙏 🥺, I really would like to read the rest of the series!!

  4. Your books are realy addictive.
    So much fun to read. I hope you never stop writing. 📝
    So i can read 📖 more 🤣

    Greatings from germany.

  5. I just finished A Shifter’s Choice, i enjoyed the audible books just wish the rest of the books were audio. If book 4 was in audio I would have bought that one also formy ebooks, so instead I bought the 5th book and skipped to the end heh. I did enjoy the first 3 ebooks in audio.

  6. Hello, im living the iron fae series but confused that it says the 3rd book is availble fall 2021 and it is now fall 2022?? Do you have a more definite date for when “hear me roar” book is available to read??

    1. I would like to know this answer as well. It stated that the book would be available in 2021.

  7. I found you on amazon and fell in love! I’ve already read your Reapers series, and the thirteenth sign and now working on another series! Is there any order to some of the books? I’ve noticed some of them are tied to other characters in books outside of the main series

  8. I want to say that you’re an amazing author and I’ve fallen in LOVE with your books. I’ve read The Wolves of Hawthorne (Quinn) series, and The Demons of Morningstar (Nyx) series. Just finished Nyx’s story just a little bit ago. I am hoping you have a series dedicated to Orina. I would love to find out what the note Nyx received meant.

  9. About two weeks ago, The Thirteenth Sign (full collection) popped up under “Recommendations” on my Amazon feed and I took the bait … and am very, very glad to have done so! Is it ~weird~ — or ~weirdly right~ — that I wish Leif, Tor, and oh-holy-jesus Rune were actual living beings (or that I could somehow be sucked into the series for a while and just live ~as~ Cora)?? Have not been so impacted by a genre of writing in quite this way in quite some time!

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