Hello, Peeps!

Thanks for popping over for a visit. Some of you may know me for my books under my co-authored pen name, Amos Cassidy, some of you will know me for my debut solo series Forest of Demons, and others will be stumbling over me for the first time. It doesn’t matter how you found my little corner of the world, I’m just glad you did 😀

This is the place where you can find out what I’m working on and keep up to date on the latest books progress. As well as an author I’m also a housewife and mum of three, so life it always busy and rarely dull, if I’m not going on adventures with the kids then I’m dreaming up ones for you, my lovely readers.

Check out the work in progress page to find out what I’m writing at the moment and make sure to sign up to my newsletter for updates on new releases, exclusive giveaways and excerpts.

Big smiles


2 thoughts on “Hello, Peeps!

    1. Hi, Julie. Yes there will be a book 3 and it’s scheduled for release early 2018. I will be releasing the official date late September. So sorry for the delay. It’s a complex book to write and I’ve cleared my schedule to get stuck into it in the Fall.


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