Heart of Darkness Series

Captive of Darkness

A century-old curse forgotten by time. A sleepy town cut off from the world by an ominous chasm. And a girl with the heart of a warrior

Nothing can stop the Silver Riders from reaping once they’ve marked their prey. I should know, I tried, and I failed…

The silver riders come in the dead of winter. They ride out of the chasm beyond the woods and take the Marked. No one sees, but me. No one remembers, but me. It’s the towns curse to forget, and I do my best to forget along with them. I almost succeed.

Until the day I can no longer turn a blind eye. Until the day the man I love is taken.

Now there is nothing I won’t do to get him back, even if that means climbing into the pit of hell itself, even if it means taking Deaths hand and accepting his heated kisses. I will do what it takes to find the man I love, and I will brave the monsters to bring him home. And if I fail…If I fail, I’d have died trying…

My name is Wynter Ashfall, and I am not afraid…

A dark fantasy Whychoose Romance with horns and teeth, Slavic gods and immortal fey.


Bane of Winter