Chronicles of Midnight


Protector of Midnight

Serenity Harker is a prisoner of the city of Arcadia.  The winged messiahs who rule the district beyond the pearly gates have given humanity a choice: live outside the gates with the threat of being warped by magic, or petition for entry at the cost of their free will. The deal sucks, and for Serenity Harker it isn’t even an option, because Serenity has a secret, one that would strip her from her home and loved ones and condemn her to a place of eternal midnight.

One slip up is all it takes.

Exiled from her district, Serenity is thrown into a world where the nephilim Protectorate are the only line of defence between humans and the dangerous effects of Arcadias magic.  In Midnight, Serenity’s dark hunger is finally given a name. She is a cambion, born of the union of an incubus and a human. Adopted into the Protectorate, Serenity is set on a steep learning curve. Not all is as it seems, and the hunger within her is desperate to be fed.  Serenity must hold on to her convictions while being tested at every turn as she learns to navigate the dangerous political landscape of her new district. And just when it feels as if she’s found her place, the true nightmare begins.

Will Serenity succeed in embracing her dark half  in order to save the people she loves? Or will her fear of losing control cost them their lives?


Angels, Fallen, nephilim and Arthurian legend are given a fresh twist in this sexy, thrilling urban Fantasy series. Fans of Lost girl and True blood will surely enjoy it.


Coming February 2018