Preorder alert

The final Wynter book is up for preorder!

I’m so sorry for the wait on this, but the truth is, with the series not selling, and not having made back the money I put in, I was forced to put it on hold in favour of the books that were paying the bills and allowing me to continue writing. I’ll be honest, I contemplated unpublishing this series several times, but my heart wouldn’t allow it.

If I can find time to write it sooner I will, but otherwise it’ll be with you in May.

Thank you all so much for your understanding and patience xoxo


*Full blurb to come*

We’ve found the Autumn king, and my allies have rallied around me. But my world still isn’t safe. There’s one more journey to be made, to a place filled with danger and darkness. A place where I’ll finally find the heart of Oblivion.

Wynter’s journey concludes in Heart of Oblivion the final book in the Heart of Darkness series.

Thank you to you all for your patience when it comes to this series XOXO