New series alert

Hey guys!

I’ve been working on a passion project this year, Something that I’ve been wanting to write for a while and I took January to work on it. My muse is pleased, and it has rejuvenated me.

So, what is it, you ask?

We’re talking gargoyle shifters with primal tendencies, fated mate bonds, forbidden love, Academy setting (but NOT YA. All characters are 21+ or older) and we have some awesome found family aspects too. This series is MF romance NOT RH. RH didn’t feel right for this story <3

The Stone Initiation is up for preorder right now!

Check out the blurb and the cover and make sure to take advantage of the preorder price, add it to your GOODREADS TBR shelf and help me spread the world

There’s no place for a half-blood at the gargoyle table.

I’ve been a shameful secret all my life. Shunned by my pureblood gargoyle father to keep up appearances. But it never mattered because I had Romi.

My half-brother. My best friend. My true family.

Until death took him from me.

They say it was an accident. I say that’s bull.

They’re hiding something, and the only one way to get to the truth is to step into Romi’s world.

Stonehaven Academy is where Romi worked with his elite guard to hone the next generation of warriors, and it’s where I’ll find my answers.

A world where I’ll be pitted against pureblood gargoyles and not expected to survive. A world of secrets, revelations, and forbidden fruit in the form of Serath—the lethally beautiful sigma leader of the elite team.

If I want answers, I’ll need to get close to the sigma. I’ll need to play with fire and be prepared to get burned.

But there’s a reason Serath is off limits.

A reason, that could mean the difference between life and death.

Because the Stone Council is hiding a horrific truth.

One, that if revealed, could tear our world apart.