Work in Progress

Well the first drafts for the Gatekeeper Series are done. Book 1 is out with book 2 releasing on the 6th July. I’m now working on a spin off series title to be announced but I can tell you that Carmella, Malina’s best friend,  will be the lead in this one. The Willow to Malina’s Buffy. I’ll keep you posted on progress but I aim to have a first draft by the end of July.

Beyond Everlight is with the proofreader and Into Evernight is ready for the editor.



2 thoughts on “Work in Progress

  1. Do you know when the 3rd book in the sleeping gods series will be out?!? I am almost done with the 2nd book and cannot wait for the next!! Priya and Aryen are awesome!


    1. Hi Christie, so sorry for the delay in response. Your comment wasn’t flagged to me for some reason. Yes there will be a book 3 and I am to release early 2018. The official release date will be announced late this September. Thank you so much for reading x


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