New Release

When Monsters lie, book 1 in my new trilogy is live! It’s an RH Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Romance that’ll keep you flipping pages.

Join Rue and her team as she attempts to leads her people across dangerous deadlands to the Golden City- home of the Celestials.

You’ll find:

✅ Monsters galore

✅ Enemies to lovers

✅ Villainous heroes

✅ Heart pounding action and sizzle

✅ A found family bond that can’t be broken.

Grab  it now:

The world went to shit the day I was born.

They say fire rained from the sky for seven days signalling the arrival of the monsters.

They say humanity fought hard to beat them.

They say the celestials saved us.

They say a lot of things.

Me? I deal in the present. In scouting for useful things and keeping my team alive outside the protective walls of our base. I might not have a fancy monster-killing blade like the Sweepers do, but I’ve avoided getting my face eaten off so far, so I call that a win.

But when my base is taken by monsters, my scout skills are the only thing standing between imminent demise and survival.

Sanctuary lies across the deadlands—monster infested territory, unmapped and uncharted even by the celestials. It’s the only route, and I have no choice but to navigate my people through it.

I’m a scout, a survivor. I got this.

Until I haven’t.

The last thing I expect is to be relying on four monsters for protection. But fate obviously has a sense of humor. Shemyaza and his scouts are intelligent, deathly, and lethal, and turns out they’re the only ones who can lead us to safety.

Only problem is, their aid comes with a hefty price.


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