Have you read it yet?

August and Telarion are back in Insidious Monsters. There is more action, more tension, budding romance, steam, angst, Argh, so many things. If you haven’t grabbed it then what are you waiting for?

I’m revising the third book and prepping it to go to my alpha reader which begins the process of getting it ready for its June 2nd release. This third book kicked my ass and the characters put me through the wringer.

But there is no rest for me.

Next week I’m diving into writing he second book in my Demons of Morningstar series, which means I need to adjust my mindset and slip back into the Accords world.

It’s going to be a busy year and I hope you guys are ready for some epic reads.

Speaking of Epic reads, I’ve thrown myself back into the ACOTAR world and just finished ACOWAR by Sarah J Maas. Is it bad that I just want to curl up and read? But not until I finish revisions on Righteous Monsters.

Wish me luck!