do you love paperbacks?

I love kindle books for the ease of reading and the fact that I can carry them around a mini library with me wherever I go. but I adore paperbacks too. I love filling my bookshelves then browsing the titles because, honestly, book buying and book reading can be two separate hobbies. I happen to have both. I love the special editions, the signed copies, the paperbacks, the hardbacks, and the books with the sprayed edges.

I love them all.

Because of this, I want to make my paperbacks, hardbacks, and special edition books, available to my readers direct. Over the next year I’ll be loading up versions of my paperbacks and hardbacks with alternate covers, and artwork. If there is a series of mine that you’d like to see as a physical omnibus then drop me a comment and let me know. If enough of you want it, then I’ll get one made and pop it on my store.

In the meantime, you can find paperback omnibuses of my Deadside Reapers series, The Nightwatch Series, Eldritch Blues Series, and a Special Edition Hardback and jacketed version of the Wolves of Hawthorne cove on my online store.

Check out the store here:

Or you can go straight to the OMNIBUSES here:

Or have a peek at the Special Edition Hardback here:

Also, remember that you can get 10% off your order if you subscribe to my store. You also get 10% automatically added to your cart if you by all the books in either the Demons of Morningstar Series or the Wolves of Hawthorne cove Series.