Sneaky Peak

Hey guys! Check out the first two chapters of The Yaga Legacy, available for preorder exclusive to the Legends and Lore Anthology. Enjoy!     Chapter 1 The leprechaun stared at me with his beady red eyes, trying desperately to ignore the huge white wolf at my side.  “The deal was for fifteen silver,” he … More Sneaky Peak

New Release

Into Everlight is out Peeps! Escape into an urban fantasy world filled with adrenaline pumping action, pulse racing romance and super hot djinn Kenna Carter is back for the second installment in the Fearless Destiny series, and she is kicking butt all over the place. Check out the yummy cover and tantalising blurb then click … More New Release

Are you ready to enter a new world…or two?

Hello, Reader! Fancy a sneak peek into another awesome world I’ve been working on this year? Let’s start with Lindrealm, an alternate London ripped apart, and then somehow held together by interdimensional forces. This is home for Kenna Carter, a Fearless officer, who works for the government to keep the city safe from otherworld denizens, … More Are you ready to enter a new world…or two?

Another Sneak Peek

Hey, it’s Carmella again. I promised another excerpt from Binding Magick, and here it is! So excited. Not long to go now! If you haven’t done so already, scroll to the previous post and check out the first excerpt too 😀   Super awesome excerpt Ah, the lunch-time rush. The July heat blasting in my … More Another Sneak Peek

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The Red Umbrella

THE RED UMBRELLA The red umbrella was leaning against a tree, and despite the snow and frost and wetness of the morning it was bone dry to the touch. Kate retracted her hand quickly, overcome by apprehension. “Go on. Pick it up,” Aaron said. Kate looked back at her group of friends standing a few … More The Red Umbrella