The Sleeping Gods Series


Sleeping Gods Series book 1


No one goes into the forest alone…

Don’t go in alone. Don’t go in after dark. Don’t leave the path. These are the rules Priya has lived by her whole life. When Priya’s friend is horrifically killed in the forest, everyone assumes she broke the rules. But all is not what it seems in Priya’s idyllic village, and she soon begins to see her home under a different light. A compelling alliance with the mysterious blacksmith Ravi, leads to new found knowledge. But will it be enough to save her when a threat beyond her comprehension arrives? Or will Priya suffer the same fate as her friend?

Aryan is a warrior without a war, a hunter without prey. Ruled by a faceless god he obeys without question. But his frozen Isle is dying, and salvation lies across the ocean on a land watched over by a red sun. The only problem is the new Isle has already been claimed. Aryan must make a choice. Obey his god, or turn his back on his people?

Through a forest that deals death, with only a mysterious blacksmith as a guide, Priya must make an impossible journey. Will she succeed in delivering a message that could save them all?

Freedom always comes at a price.


Sleeping Gods Series 2


The answers dwell beneath… 

The capital has been taken and the streets run crimson with the blood of the innocent. The only hope to end the butchery lies in finding the Fist, a duty which rests heavily on Priya’s delicate shoulders. A responsibility that she believes will be shared by her allies, until the moment the illusion is shattered…
Suddenly Priya is on the run. With the shadow of betrayal over her heart, Priya must step onto a perilous road. One that will test her limits, and throw her into the path of a danger from which there may be no return. As alliances are tested and secrets are revealed, Priya must decide whether the bonds of blood will serve to define her, or whether her destiny can be hers to forge alone.

To save the Isle, Priya must first save herself… 

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