New Release Alert

Hey all!

The final book in the Chronicles of Midnight is out today and man has it been an emotional journey. If you’ve been reading the series then you’ll be pretty familiar with Harker’s world and her guys. You’d have laughed and cried with her and probably be looking forward to and dreading the final stretch of the journey. If you haven’t read the series yet then, what are you waiting for? Grab it HERE

So let’s enter Midnight one final time.

Savior of Midnight


The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Having derailed Asher’s attack plan the team are given a brief reprieve. But the dry spell signifies danger for Serenity as the power inside her threatens to consume her. Without shades to hunt and kill Serenity’s life is set on a rapidly ticking timer. But a new ally brings hope in the form of information—a way to bring down Asher for good. But to succeed they’ll need everyone on board, even the White Wings.

As the final hour approaches, with Death shadowing her every move, Harker must decide what’s more important, the life of an innocent shade, or her own existence.

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